Bundi-The Queen Of Hadoti

From the magnificent Bundi palace to the unconquerable Taragarh fort, Bundi is home to the finest of Rajput architecture. Besides historical monuments, the natural beauty, scenic dams & ponds, wild forests, and the traditional fairs and festivity make Bundi an exciting tourist destination.

A treat for art connoisseurs, the Bundi school of painting is a distinct and one of the most beautiful styles of Rajasthani miniature art. The most famous of the Bundi style is perhaps the Ragmala, a narrative portrayal in spectacular colour.

The kind of interest and awe that Bundi has traditionally generated among tourists is epitomized by Sir Rudyard Kipling's remark, “The Taragarh Fort must have been built by angels not by human beings".

Bundi, a small unexplored town with rich historical wealth. It was named after Bunda Meena, the chieftain of the Meena tribe that once inhabited the region. Bundi experienced its days of glory under the reign of the Hada Chauhans who founded the Hadoti state in the 12th century.

At a distance of just over 200 kms from the capital city of Jaipur, Bundi is surrounded by the Aravalli hills on the three sides and is circumscribed by a huge wall with four gateways. It is separated from Kota (which was once a part of Bundi) by the river Chambal.

Interesting monuments include impressive medieval forts, palaces, havelis, temples with beautiful stone idols and carved pillars. A picturesque lake in the heart of the town accentuates its charm.