Bundi - Rock Painting

Bundi is, much acclaimed for its beautiful rock paintings and murals. To witness its history and perspective is just like stepping back into the ancient time. Bundi has one of the largest rock painting sites in India.

Rock paintings are a particular form of paintings done on the walls and ceilings of the cave shelter of ancient man. These paintings were the reflections of their social, cultural, religious and economic life. The rock paintings depict the continuity of human evolution. It also unveils the hunting scenes, daily life of the Mesolithic period, human figure and dancing postures along with Bison, Deer and Tiger.

The paintings are estimated to be 15000 years old bearing ample proof of the fact that the Hadoti region sustained early man. It was once the shelter for people who followed Buddhism culture. At The Hadoti Palace we can organise a special tour to these rock painting sites which is a once in a life time experience.